His majesty “the wallpaper”

Trends in interior design, fashion and lifestyle are something that everybody aspires to. Design does not just arise and what is happening in the interior is a reflection of the world we are in. We strongly believe in the power of the environment and how it affects what we call the “well-being” –  prosperity (the physical and spiritual sense of a good life). Our home is the place where we rest and feel happy, this is our privacy. Therefore, one of the trends in design is His Majesty the Wallpaper.

We can call them accents, textured or colored walls, dressed walls, walls in dresses. A good budget option to express the personal style of the occupants. The different wall creates contrast, mood and often tells story, becoming the focus of the interior. Wallpaper design plays a huge role in creating the interior.

Wallpaper is a common solution for wall decoration. They can be used in the living room, bedroom or kids room , in the corridor or kitchen. In the interior wallpapers can be used as background or as the main accent.

Many people do not imagine the walls in their home without wallpapers. They bring coziness and luxury, give a complete look to the home. They must be combined with the interior of the room for which they are intended.

Undoubtedly, wallpapers are the most common type of wall coverings. A preferred material for wall decoration, as it is easy to place and maintain, quickly hides unevenness and also achieves aesthetic appeal and coziness.

Today there are many types of wallpaper – paper, vinyl, vlies, textile, with crystals, wallpapers made of natural materials, fiberglass, wallpaper with metallic effect, bathroom wallpapers.

But how do we make the right choice for such a variety in the market ?

In this article you will find interesting wallpapers of various colors and shapes perfectly combined with the interior of the home.

We’ll tell you about some important norms that are important in choosing  wallpapers:

Strong bright colors, contrasting drawings visually make space less. This type of wallpaper is suitable for large rooms or rooms with very few furniture. Only a wall-accent ( the wall behind the sofa, behind the bedroom, or behind the library) can be done with wallpaper of this type, and wallpaper in neutral or discreet colors or simply painted with the appropriate color and texture interior paint.

Bright and neutral colors, or wallpaper with a discreet design, are more suitable for small spaces or a lot of furniture. They are also suitable for rooms where long hours are spent. Wallpapers with small patterns do not have much influence on the visual perception of the room and as a rule do not tire eyes.

A wall with wallpaper can be an ideal background for furniture that we want to stand out for. In the wall-furniture interconnection there are two possibilities: the first is to make a contrast between the wall and the furniture in terms of color or style, and the second is a unified style solution – the wallpaper is in the style of the furniture (classic, modern, etc.) and complement each other.

Wallpaper is an excellent means of visually adjusting the real size of the room – a highly-marked right wallpaper placed on the wall at the bottom, optically reducing the length of the room; the vertical scales make the wall higher (“raise” the ceiling), the horizontal scales make it longer, but for the height of the ceiling.

Wallpaper is a great choice to make a unique design of your home and bring a lot of warmth and coziness, and it has to be chosen appropriately.

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