See My Ceilings

Another extremely important part of the design are the ceilings. All of them would be good to be beautiful and impressive. I, as an interior designer, prefer to turn them into an accent.

Do you remember when, years ago, the design looked like “Once upon a time in the living room a ceiling chandelier”, as the most important part of the design (actually there was no design). Yes, but times change. Now the chandeliers and hanging lamps are just as popular and highly prized as in the past – but the ceiling design looks quite different.

And now it is possible thanks to the dry construction, through which the designer creates strange, beautiful and modern shapes. Thanks to innovative building materials, every home can have a unique interior design.

Circles, oval, rectangles, sophisticated combinations of ceiling shapes are accentuated by decorative or LED lights. In the evening of power in the home comes the ceiling and its design, which together with the lights play extraordinary light plays. The whole atmosphere becomes more cozy and confidential.

Ceilings can be performed on both a single level and multiple levels.

It’s not a cheap pleasure, but the beauty and the aesthetic look of what we get as a result is worth the money you spend. Some of these ceilings are designed with lighting and their main task is to highlight the space behind it.

A level of suspended ceiling with lighting looks very elegant, complementing the interior. With the right choice of colors, you can visually enlarge the room. Multi-level suspended ceiling with lighting is more difficult to implement. This is the brightest part of the designer’s work, as this is a complex and very complex job. Such a ceiling allows you to do not only complicated structures but also to experiment with the choice of colors and types of lighting, highlighting this with different accents. This is my favorite part of the interior, I love to design ceilings and lighting.

Suspended ceiling with lighting can create a special atmosphere, make the space visually larger, and the room itself is very stylish and exclusive. Lighting enchants the room, creating extra comfort and special effect. An interior design with figurative ceilings and several types of lighting will be not only practical in terms of lighting sources but also quite original. LED ceiling lighting will help to realize bold ideas in decor and highlight the interior design.

Imagine until recently in the concept of kitchen design virtually no ceiling. The ceiling was just white, at best in a pale color almost invisible.

Everything changed at night, when different materials for finishing were poured into the market. And the interior design does all this, pushing us into a beautiful and comfortable life.