Explosion of colors, effects, textures, styles and techniques of performance, resistance in time and fashion, retro, ultra modern, laid on the wall, on the ceiling … what is it?


Decorative plasters are very popular lately and their application in the interior is great. This is because they have the incredible ability to completely change the atmosphere of the room. This type of plaster is extremely practical and lends visual effects to the interior design. Let’s take a look at their most important benefits :

1. Color euphoria – decorative plasters have hundreds of color options. Also, by experimenting and mixing the colors, a “new color” or “multicolor” color can be obtained.

2. Incredible effects – through materials and laying techniques. With enough creativity, unique effects can be achieved, which can be as smooth as a glass surface or embossed, as well as Moon Surface or Metal Wall as well as countless others.

3. Resilience and Reliable Protection – Two more positive qualities of decorative plasters, which make them more and more sought after. They are much more durable than traditional and well-known interior paints. At the same time they provide reliable surface protection, protect against the appearance of moisture, mold and other unpleasant things.

4. Uniqueness for Design – Decorative plasters can recreate the atmosphere of different historical ages and styles. By mixing two or more colors, there are some really amazing and impressive effects. This gives a specific personality to every interior.

5. Styles – retro, ultramodern, classic, minimalist, extravagant, etc, etc. They are just a lot.

6. Suitable for all interiors – decorative plasters are a great choice for home, offices, museums, schools, hotels and restaurants as well as many other public spaces. Styles are selected according to the type of interior.

7. Eco Friendly – among other things, but not least, they are made of completely natural materials, making them environmentally friendly and absolutely harmless to humans.

Decorative plasters give the interior reliability, durability and uniqueness. The variety of styles, shades and effects allow the realization of a number of ideas that will make your space a true masterpiece.