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Basic design package

What is e-design?

E-design allows you to see the big picture and go into detail only at the level of colors, flooring, furnishings, lighting and home decoration. The communication between the client and the designer is done mainly through WhatsApp chat and email.

What will be the benefits of this service and for whom will it be suitable?
You are busy and do not have time to go around the furniture, decoration and design shops in the late afternoons or on weekends. You want to save time – it’s a good idea to get a ready-made shopping list instead of going shopping for weeks.

You have an idea, but it runs away from you somehow and you don’t see how to reach it. Wander into the web – you want to get good, but you don’t know-how.
You are confused by the abundance of furniture styles, furniture, lighting, decoration, and paints on the market. You want custom furniture and a project.
You have a budget but no trusted construction company or master that can do it for you.

You want to use the services of a room designer – for example, a living room or a bedroom, but most companies offer complete design.
You want custom furniture and size, but you also want them to match your overall concept for your room and home.

You want to receive your project in a short time.

E-design is actually a detailed conceptual design for one room – you get a very specific design proposal from us, which you can change completely once or twice depending on the design package you choose. In this way, we will reach the optimum variant – to turn your dream into reality through the possibilities of space and to get the most out of it.

As Step 1, we will chat in detail about your ideas for colors, furniture, fabrics, budgets, etc. We will determine your preferred style of furnishing by filling out a specialized e-mail we sent. We should make one board (board) with ideas (pins) for each room and discuss them.

As Step 2, if you live in London, when you buy the package which is suitable for you and sign the contract, we will come to see the place and measure the sizes to make the sketches and details. If you live outside of London, we will talk in detail about WhatsApp chat and email and work on photos and sizes that you will send me.

As Step 3, I will give you a conceptual design and advice on how to implement it. You can implement the project on your own or with the help of a construction company (I strongly recommend the second one to get the quality you need).

If your requirements are different, please send your inquiry and we will make you an individual offer.


In fact, interior design is not a lightning-fast process – we start with one idea, discuss it, evolves and become another.
It takes 10-12 days to get to the end result for a room. Initially, we work together to understand your idea. Then we start to draw and design for you.

The initial project takes up to 15 working days. Often our schedule is busy for the months ahead. It is a good idea to call us a month before the repair so that we have time to see each other, clarify everything and make a project. As you know London is very busy and time is never enough. But we will do our best to make you happy and get the project done as quickly as possible.


£ 530 p/annaul

  • Up to 30 square meters without structural changes to walls and installations.
  • 2 times 45 minutes by WhatsApp chat consultation, size and photo-based work provided by the client.
  • Decision of a personal style of furniture.
  • Inspiration – Pints board live.
  • 2D layout plan for your room.
  • 2D wall-to-wall layout of your room – 1 option with 1 correction.
  • Wallpapers, colors for wall painting and the choice of specific paints – 1 option with the possibility of 1 correction.
  • A shopping list for all items, even those made to order.
  • Open plan kitchens – living room, calculated differently – please make a request, as these rooms have two main purposes and are charged differently
  • Deadline: 15 working days for primary.
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