• Up to 30 square meters without structural changes to walls and installations.
  • 2 times 45 minutes by WhatsApp chat consultation, size and photo-based work provided by the client.
  • Decision of a personal style of furniture.
  • Inspiration – Pints board live.
  • 2D layout plan for your room.
  • 2D wall-to-wall layout of your room – 1 option with 1 correction.
  • Wallpapers, colors for wall painting and the choice of specific paints – 1 option with the possibility of 1 correction.
  • A shopping list for all items, even those made to order.
  • Open plan kitchens – living room, calculated differently – please make a request, as these rooms have two main purposes and are charged differently
  • Deadline: 15 working days for primary.