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How We Work

Our Process

MEETING: This is the time when we understand your requirements, wishes and preferences. We will prepare you a design offer, determine the design time, budget and cost of the project. After an agreement, a contract is signed and the project is started.

ARCHITECTURAL LOOP: At this stage of the project we capture all the necessary dimensions of your home (premises), all architectural and constructive features. This stage is very important, both for design and for realization, it avoids future mistakes.

PRELIMINARY DESIGN: This is the time of the project where we will make 2d drawings of your rooms (premises) and offer you colors, fabrics, zones and more. These are the drawings in which we discuss future distribution and individual needs. Together we will discuss examples of different interior styles, color solutions, your requirements and preferences. In the preliminary project there may be several options for room allocation. Once we have an approved version, we begin designing in detail.

DESIGN IN DETAILS or WORKING PROJECT: To clarify the final vision of the project, we make 3d visualizations (three-dimensional realistic visualizations). Through them you will have a full idea of how the project will look finished. If necessary, we make design changes to achieve your design. Once you are fully satisfied with the design (preliminary design), we start the working project.

Here we prepare everything necessary for the realization of the already specified project. The working project includes the necessary drawings for all installers, furniture and subcontractors. In case you prefer other subcontractors, we will be willing to work with them. The working project includes plans for electrical installation, plumbing installation, plasterboard, floor plan, ceilings plan, wall and details specifications. Also included are all bespoke (made to order ) furniture. For everything that is being bought, a specification is prepared. We prepare an offer for furniture, construction and repair works, as well as prices for all other details.

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