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  • Email us: contacts@interiordesignmaster.co.uk
  • Working Hours: 09:00-18:30

How We Work

Our Process

Part 1: This is the time when we understand your requirements, wishes and size of the project. We will make you a design offer, we will specify the design time, budget, price of the project. After agreement, a contract is signed and the  design starts.

Part 2: This is the first step in the project. We will make 2d drawings of your property and start with a design concept – colors, fabrics, zones and more. Here are ideas for disposition of a house / of rooms, until your final decision.

Part 3: Coordination of the project. To ensure that everything is done on a project, we will regularly visit the property, so we will manage and update the project. This will avoid mistakes and we will react quickly to possible problems.

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