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Interior finishing services

We design, sell products for home and furnishing, and offer interior finishing services. These services include:

We install wallpapers
Extremely fast and easy way to transform space, countless colors, types, relief, elements – classic, floral, etc., resistant and luxurious coatings. Suitable for every style design.

We install carpets

Creates the warmth and beauty in the home. The choice of carpets is great, there are a variety of colors, structures, density and design. It has very good good heat and sound insulation. Suitable for every style of design.

We install linoleum

Moisture resistant, good sound insulation and thermal insulation, durability of the coating. Linoleum is an anti-static, anti-allergen and anti-bacterial material. Paint colors and textures.

We laminated parquet
Laminated flooring is available in a wide variety of scenery. Variations also occur on the surface of the laminated surface, which may be smooth, matte or with different mats. Suitable for every style of interior.

We install mouldings and frames
Complete offer of interior decorative profiles, rosettes, columns, pilasters and various decorative elements that combine style and elegance with excellent technical qualities. Suitable for every style design.

We install kitchens and furniture
We design, manufacture and install kitchens and furniture by size. Choice of colors and materials, non-standard sizes, individual design, functionality. Suitable for every style design.